Social Media Training: Easy Ways to Manage Your Twitter Followers

Social Media Training: Easy Ways To Manage Your Twitter Followers


Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best tools at the disposal of small business owners when it comes to prospecting potential customers and keeping in contact with current ones. But when it comes to managing followers, the base follower page on Twitter leaves a lot to be desired. In this social media training tip, we’ll show you how to better manage your Twitter followers.

Finding the right third-party app

While Twitter’s default follower page may not be very helpful, there are plenty of third-party applications out there that can be used to manage your followers. Most offer a free option, or at the least are free to try. One of our personal favorites is

Social Media Training

ManageFlitter offers both a free and paid version of its services. The paid version gives you more account growth and analytics options, but the free version is more than powerful enough to be very helpful to small business owners that want to keep their Twitter account clean.

Quality over quantity among Twitter followers

Everybody on Twitter wants more followers. After all, you are using Twitter to build your brand and to reach out to current and future customers. The more targeted people that you reach, the better!

But even with this in mind, some people obsess over the number of followers they have way too much and don’t consider the quality of those followers. What would you rather have; 50 followers that all read every tweet you sent out and re-tweeted and replied often, or 1000 followers that were totally disengaged?

It’s an extreme example, but it illustrates the point that quality is more important than quantity. And using ManageFlitter, you can easily find and unfollow accounts that are inactive and accounts that are fake or spam.

While doing so will bring down your number of followers, it will give you a much clearer picture of how many real people your tweets are actually being sent out to. It also looks much better when someone else clicks on your followers, as they’ll be able to see that all of your followers are real.

Unfollowing bad accounts is just scratching the surface of ManageFlitter’s potential. Check it out for yourself!

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