Getting Organized Around Social Media Prospecting

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Getting Organized Around Social Media Prospecting

Finding highly targeted prospects for your business has never been more straight forward than using the tools on the free social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and more.  This Social Media Training tip will provide very simple guidance on how to stay organized around your ongoing social media prospecting efforts. Please click through to find the Social Media Prospecting Made Easy series in the University for a full training curriculum on prospecting for your business.

Everyone needs a system to stay organized. If you follow our recommendation to make ten, highly targeted social media prospecting connections a day, soon you will be swimming in connections and conversations that need to be organized. You will want to stay on top of what was said or promised, the next date you wanted to follow up, or what contact information you have collected for them.

Organization Recommendation

We recommend using something as easy as a Microsoft Excel document. You can create columns with all the right headers, put individual information into a row for each person and then sort the data to help you look more closely at priorities and next step dates.

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This is a very simple way to stay organized around the information about each individual prospect. You can create priority columns to identify hot prospects, the next step dates, contact info or even use color coding to highlight certain prospect rows. There are a million ways to help you customize and organize with Excel.

Sorting Information

A critically important feature is to sort the spreadsheet in a way that will organize the rows into a more useful order. For example, you may want to sort the rows by date of the next step follow-up activities. What better way to know when to get back in touch with a prospect after a recent conversation?

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Find Feature

It is also very handy to be able to find a prospect by name anywhere on your spreadsheet by using the find feature and simply typing in their name. This is a huge time saver as prospects start connecting back with you, and then in turn you need to update their status.

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There is a whole world of highly targeted prospects for your business out there waiting for the assistance you and your business can provide. Staying organized ensures that all your prospecting efforts stay on track!

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