Social Media Training: Google+ Is Now #2

Social Media Training: Google+ Is Now #2

Did you know that Twitter is now at #4?

When looking at how big the various social networks are, it only makes sense that you look at how many active users they have since those are the ones that really count. In this Social Media Training tip, we are going to highlight the fact that Google+ is now the second largest social network based on active users.

Hold on a second here! I was just as surprised by this new statistic as you probably are because I thought Twitter had always been the reigning #2 social network and then last year Pinterest had risen to #3. The difference lies in the rankings. What puts Twitter and Pinterest near the top is a ranking based on total monthly visits. The report that show Google+ as number two is based on active users.

So which ranking is more important? Well, I’d have to vote for active user rankings. If you are not active on a social network, then you are most likely not making a contribution to that group.  The more active users, the better a target for us as social media marketers.

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What does this mean for us as small business entrepreneurs? It means that Google+ is now a much bigger marketing opportunity than we once thought. And because Google+ is a Facebook-like social network and tied into the world’s #1 search engine and video portal in YouTube, there is a lot of opportunity ahead!

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