HootSuite Syndicator: Making it Easier to be a Social Media Marketer

HootSuite Syndicator: Making it Easier to be a Social Media Marketer

How you can use HootSuite to integrate and share top stories in your market

Creating unique content is important to any social media strategy. With that said, sharing nothing but your own content will not only leave gaps in between updates, but will also create a lack of variety. Sharing interesting and relevant content from other publishers to your followers is a great way to remedy this, and in this social media training tip we’ll show you how HootSuite Syndicator makes it easier than ever.

How HootSuite Syndicator Works

At its core, HootSuite Syndicator is a convenient RSS feed. Feeds are just a way to help get, manage and then distribute content from anywhere online to anywhere else online. Although the raw feed contains the information, other technologies like HootSuite’s Syndicator help you manage and USE that feed to your advantage.

Social media users that already use HootSuite are used to its clean interface and the simplicity of setting up your dashboard to look and act how you want it to.

With the HootSuite Syndicator, RSS feeds will display chronologically as articles and stories on your HootSuite dashboard. You can customize these streams with groups and filters to make sure that you are getting the content that is most relevant and interesting to you. Marking items as read or unread and saving items to view later makes finding what you are looking for very easy.

But perhaps the most helpful feature is the simplicity of sharing and story in your RSS feed across all of your social media outlets. The “share” button that is available on every article is seamlessly integrated into HootSuite’s interface, so clicking on it will allow you to share that article using whichever social media outlet you want.

Hootlet Makes Adding RSS Feeds Easy

Google Chrome users can take advantage of HootSuite’s Chome app, “Hootlet”. To download Hootlet, search for it in the Chrome Store where it can be downloaded and installed for free.
Once installed, any RSS feed you find around the web can be added to your HootSuite Syndicator with just a few clicks. Clicking on an RSS feed will open up a popup box that will prompt you to add the feed you have clicked on to your HootSuite Syndicator. You can even add it to the specific list you want to have it under if you have lists set up.

This makes building up your HootSuite Syndicator content a breeze, since you will find these RSS feeds on websites about your target market that you are already visiting. And once your RSS feed is built up, you won’t have to spend as much time browsing the web as everything will be streamlined right to one convenient location!

Whether you use the HootSuite Syndicator to stay on top of what is going on in your industry or to share interesting content with your followers, there is no downside to fast and convenient information at your fingertips.

Check out this cool video from HootSuite that explains it all!

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