Social Media Training: How To Use The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Social Media Training: How To Use The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Are you finding the best keywords to use in all your social media and blog posts?

Everything that we do in social media revolves around sharing content that contains text, has text titles, text descriptions, text based hashtags or text as tags that are assigned to it. This Social Media Training tip is going to show you how to use a tool from Google that will ensure that you are creating and sharing content that has the best chances to be found online.

Keywords are most commonly known for being used in blog posts and pages to help ensure that the search engines properly understand what that page is all about and rank it for the appropriate words (keywords). But keywords are also important in social media. For example, more people search Twitter every day than Bing and Yahoo combined. Knowing what keywords your target market niche is most likely to use and search for is an important part of your social media strategy. Placing keywords into your posts, profiles and hashtags can lift your visibility online and help you get discovered by new people in your target market niche.

Introducing The Google Adword Keyword Tool

This is a FREE tool created by Google to help marketers find the best keywords to use within their pay-per-click advertising campaigns. We are going to use it for finding those same keywords to use throughout our social media marketing. To start, just log into your Google account and then search in Google for “Google Adwords Keyword Tool.” It will be the first result. Click on the top search result and you should land on a page that has the information in the image below front and center.

Social Media Training

Click into the box labeled ‘Word or phrase’ and type in a best guess at a short phrase that might be used in the search engines by your target market niche. Now just click on the blue search button. Shown below is a search result  for ‘social media training classes’ that I conducted.

Social Media Training

Local monthly searches show the search amount that happens monthly in your country, versus global search volumes. Generally the lower the search volume the less competitive that phrase is in the search engines. If you click on the green ‘Keyword Ideas’ button, you will see a list of other relevant keyword phrases based on how real people have already searched on Google. That can be a tremendous help in finding more keyword ideas that you might never have thought about yourself.

Overall, this is a great way to validate how your target market niche searches online, as well as an indication for how to optimize your blog posts, social media profiles and content as well.

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