Social Media Training Tip: The Top 5 Tips For Getting Started Right With Twitter

Social Media Training Tip

The Top 5 Tips For Getting Started Right With Twitter

When just starting out on the big social networks, it can seem intimidating to think about building a big following with lots of engagement. This Social Media Training tip is going to focus on the top Twitter strategies that make the most sense to do right from the start.

Building a successful channel to prospects and customers through Twitter isn’t something that happens by chance. From the way that you create your account to how you create content and interact with the community, it’s all part of the plan. After reading this article, you’ll want to check out the Twitter Training area of the University.

Twitter Is About Quality Content & Engagement

Social Media Training

1. Don’t Start Without A Plan – Every social network is another opportunity for you to create your own channel into the market for your business. Your Twitter channel is going to repeatedly deliver valuable content to a certain group of people that you want to attract. All this means is you have to design your content creation and sharing strategy to match the needs of a certain target market. So don’t start tweeting randomly. Know your brand and your target market niche, then decide how to use Twitter as an opportunity to share and engage.

2. Create A Great Account & Bio – Social networking is all about people meeting people. So create your Twitter account with your name as your profile name, if you can. Upload a picture of you. Balance your bio with personal and professional information, including how you help people (your brand). Add a link back to your website. It is amazing how many people don’t take the time to set their accounts up right from the start. Since this will be the first place people look when they engage with you on Twitter, make sure you are making the most out of that space.

3. Use Keywords & Hashtags To Get Discovered – Twitter is searched more than Bing and Yahoo combined every day. In creating a following on Twitter, you want to be discovered and followed. Make sure that you are thinking about what content you create and share, as well as the keywords and hashtags that will help get you discovered.

4. Quality And Quantity Are A Must – It is an obvious statement that you need to be tweeting quality content for your audience. This content can include advice as well as motivations, sharing about your day, and good content from others. You are a source of good things, and they don’t have to all come from you directly.

Quantity is thrown in here because Twitter is like a river of tweets, and your tweet will reach different people at different times. So it can be a good idea to post similar tweets throughout the same day.

5. Engage, Engage, Engage – Make sure that your are not only sharing great content, but interacting with your developing community. Look for questions that get asked and then ask questions of your own. People respond more often to questions than statements. Check in for just a few minutes each day to make sure you aren’t missing any direct messages. There are lot’s of great apps for your smart phone from HootSuite to Twitter that make staying connected easy. Setting up columns on a social media dashboard (i.e. HootSuite) is a great way to quickly scan and see opportunities for engagement and responses.

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