The Business Benefits of the New Twitter Custom Timeline

The Business Benefits of the New Twitter Customizable Timeline

Creating unique Twitter timelines to share with your followers!

Twitter is in the process of rolling out a new feature called “custom timelines”, which could prove to be a valuable marketing tool to small business owners. In this twitter training tip, we’ll look at the benefits of setting up your own custom timelines.

How Custom Timelines Work

When you set up a custom timeline, it will have its own unique URL, making it easy to share across all of your social media platforms as well as your blog.

Unlike standard Twitter feeds and list feeds that are constantly updating as your followers (or those on your list) tweet, custom timelines are only updated when you decide to add something to them.

For example, if you wanted to set up a custom timeline called “My Top 10 Favorite Tweets of December”, you could select 10 tweets for that timeline and then leave it unchanged, sharing this list freely with its own unique URL.

Setting up custom timelines is easy using TweetDeck, which Twitter bought a few years ago. By simply creating a new “Custom Timeline” column, you can title your column and drag and drop tweets into it whenever you want to update it. This functionality should be rolling out in other applications soon as Twitter has made it available to outside developers too.

Twitter Custom Timline

Potential Uses for Small Business Owners

There are many ways that custom timelines can help your small business. Because you are in total control of what goes on the timeline, you can tell whatever story you want to tell with it!

One useful application would be to set up a custom timeline with great and relevant tweets around your niche market. In addition to retweeting these to your followers, by keeping them archived in a custom timeline people will be able to visit that timeline any time they want to find a post they didn’t get a chance to read or just to see what’s new. In essence, with an interesting enough timeline, you could have people bookmarking your timeline in their browsers and constantly checking in on it (and in turn, you and your business)!

Another good application would be to use a custom timeline in connection with a contest or live chat. If you are having followers tweet to you with a certain hashtag or pictures, you can archive these tweets in a “highlight” fashion that will have great visibility long after the contest or live chat is over.

The custom timelines haven’t rolled out for everyone yet, so keep your eyes peeled for them. Once you have access, give putting one together a try!

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