Ad Manager Mastery


How To Master Facebook Ads Manager, To Have More Top Performing Ads

To Grow Your Business


The beauty of the Facebook Ads Manager is that they GIVE us a ton of the information we need to improve our ads. (They want us to win, because then we’ll carry on running ads!)

The skill comes in interpreting the information in the Ads Manager and marrying it up with what we know about leads and sales. And that’s why I’m giving you everything you need to know inside this training:

I’m sharing:

  • How to slash data overwhelm (what info you must track and what you can happily ignore)
  • My simple steps to judge whether your ad is a winner or a loser
  • How to make the right decisions on whether to kill or keep an ad, when to increase budget on successful ads, and when to test ads
  • Why testing is your new best friend when it comes to enjoying success with ads to grow your business