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The Simple Three Step Formula For Success With Facebook Ads


Success leaves clues right? So I’m inviting you to follow my breadcrumb trail out of stress and overwhelm, into clarity and ease instead with your Facebook Ads and marketing.

You see, between my own Facebook ads and those run by my students I’ve seen firsthand what the results of hundreds of thousands of dollars of adspend looks like.

And let me tell you when that sort of budget is at stake you make mighty sure you’re always focusing on what works best!

I’ve boiled my best strategies down into a simple three-step formula which is perfect for you if you’re just starting out with Facebook ads (and a great refresher for more experienced users too).

I know it’s going to be super useful for you!

  • Which ad format works best to build a warm audience fast
  • How to start off using ads the easy way, and have your first ad running in 10 minutes or less
  • Why testing matters and my testing shortcuts for massive engagement with perfect leads (plus much better performing ads!)

I’ll be giving you an over-the-shoulder peek into the Facebook ads manager to show you exactly what you need to do to implement my simple 3 step formula!

The 3 step formula looks like this:

  • Pick your ad’s objective that has created the most success for thousands before you
  • Create the ad using our simple tips
  • Test, refine and increase performance

You already know that your perfect warm leads are hanging out on Facebook so it makes sense to have this strategy in your business-building toolkit to use whenever you like.

This training can permanently change your business outlook, in a never-ending way… with a constant stream of the perfect new leads coming to you!

We recommend watching this training along with the additional webinar below:

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