Facebook Group Strategies

“The Top Benefits and Strategies to Utilizing Facebook Groups – Your Fast Track to Better Lead Relationships and Increased Closing Ratios!”

Even if you’ve never set up a Facebook Group before, they are super easy to do and can give you fast results.

Utilizing Facebook Groups instantly allows you to grow your business ‘one-to-many’ instead of struggling away with the ‘one-to-one’ model, which means your growth explodes…

It’s my favorite topic and I’m giving you all the juicy insights in this training video!

Inside this video I’m showing you:

  • How to use a simple Free Facebook Group to attract hordes of new leads in your perfect niche, and build a relationship with them in a fun, repeatable way which they LOVE!
  • Why Facebook Groups are the best way to add value and share your expertise during the magical ‘7 Touch Process’ that nurtures people from being cold leads to hot customers.
  • Why your group members will become your most loyal leads and customers, and give you all the raving reviews and glowing testimonials you’ll ever need (it’s the perfect social proof to persuade new leads that you’re someone worth listening to)
  • How to utilize groups at every stage of your business…to attract new leads, make more sales, and get a stream of repeat customers.
  • The secret to scaling your business and leveraging your time with Facebook Groups – this one strategy is the best way to never have to worry about struggling with one-to-one lead nurturing again.

Also, I’ll be showing you a real-life example from Mary who gets over 250 new leads every month using the same Facebook Group strategies I’m sharing with you here!