6 Facebook Friends Every Day


How To Get 6 Facebook Friend Requests Accepted EVERY Day!

Have A Flood Of Authentic 1-on-1 Lead Conversations With Your Perfect Audience

Inside this training:

  • How to safely send 10 friend requests EVERY day and have 6 accepted (yep, that’s 6 new leads coming to you ready for a one-on-one conversation, every single day!)
  • Who to target with your friend requests so you’re speaking to your perfect audience every time
  • What to say in your 1-on-1 follow up conversation so it feels 100% authentic and easy…for you both
  • How to keep it simple so you have time to get new leads this way every day
  • A real-life case study from one of my University members who is crushing it with this awesome strategy

With hundreds of thousands of your perfect leads hanging out on Facebook every day, it makes sense to connect with them through your personal profile as a friend – this way the relationship is more natural and the conversation flows more easily, right from the start.