Pinterest Training

Pinterest Training Webinar

Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest For Business

What You Will Learn

  • Pinterest For Business
    • Business examples
    • Growing your Pinterest following
    • Business accounts and verification
  • Prospecting on Pinterest
  • Pinterest’s role in your marketing mix
  • To Do Checklist

Everyone seems to be talking about Pinterest! This Pinterest Training webinar is designed to take you from zero (What is Pinterest?) to sixty in less than 45 minutes. By the end of the webinar, you’ll not only understand what Pinterest is, but how important it can be to your marketing mix!

We have University members that are already crediting Pinterest for generating the most referral traffic of any other source to their website. In fact, most of our members tell us that they are completely addicted to Pintertest…yet still have no idea how to use it for business. With this webinar, you will clearly understand how to use Pinterest like a marketing expert for your business.

Our suggestion is to watch the webinar through once, then go back in again and set up your account. Then start practicing opening up new pinboards, finding friends, inviting, commenting, repinning, prospecting and more. We will guarantee that you will not only have a great time, but see the business potential right away!

April 2011 Rave

To watch the webinar, just click on the play button below. It may take :30 to a minute to start! The total length of the webinar is 41:21.

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