Steve MacDonald, President

My career not only covers being the founder of this international social media training university (Practical Social Media) but an extensive background in marketing. This is important as I personally design the training for this University to include only the very few things in it that will make the most difference in marketing your business online.

The world of online marketing is filled with opportunities that will suck you dry of all your time, and do very little for your business. Our members have shown success within the first 30 days of joining the University, and you can too.

More About Me

Other marketing positions that I have held include the Director of Client Services for a top ten internet marketing agency, the founder of a Brand Strategy Consulting company, CMO of a Hollywood start-up, Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning for the Mazda Motors of America, served as a founding partner in an advertising agency, Executive Vice President of a regional marketing firm and CEO of a start-up.

In addition to an extensive digital marketing background, I have a decade-plus experience as a brand strategy consultant working with clients up to a $3.5 billion in annual revenue. I also learned classic brand strategy from Larry Light, the former head of the Coalition For Brand Equity and CMO of McDonalds while the Director of Strategic Planning with the ad agency for Mazda.

I have lead large teams, held extremely senior management/marketing positions, have a track record of significant revenue growth, created internal dashboard/KPI models, am well-versed in all traditional/digital marketing and traveled extensively globally as part of a Top 5 global advertising agency network conducting new business presentations.

As an FYI, I have worked with some of the smartest marketing minds at companies such as Nike, Absolut, Procter & Gamble, VISA and Miller Brewing where C-Level presentations were a common part of the working relationship.

The greatest successes have come from helping companies make a fundamental shift from working hard at their marketing, to having their marketing work hard for them. This is achieved through a combination of brand strategy work, what Harvard Business Review calls every company’s greatest strategic resource, and social media, which has changed the entire dynamic for how businesses can effectively reach customers both locally and globally on a budget.

Closing thought: “The power of a company’s “Emotional Brand Intelligence” and social capabilities are underutilized 99% of the time.”

If you are ready to see a whole new level of success, then I look forward to working with you within the University.