Target Market Niches Are Liberating, Not Limiting

Social Media Training: Target Market Niches Are Liberating, Not Limiting

Target Marketing Is Essential For Business Success On So Many Levels

This Social Media Training article deals with the struggle that most entrepreneurs have with defining their target markets for their brands.

It is very difficult for many entrepreneurs to narrow their brand down to a very specific target market niche. It seems limiting, and who wants to lose out on any potential new business? While this may seem like a concern, in actuality, not missing out on new opportunities is exactly the point of narrowing your brand’s focus to a niche!

On a constant basis you are proactively marketing, promoting, and selling your business. It is essential to make sure that all of those efforts are maximizing your return. Remember the saying, “Are you working hard at your marketing, or is your marketing working hard for you?” If you are going to be putting in all of that effort, you need to make sure that it is addressing the core needs of your target niche. The more focused those needs are, the better of a job you can do addressing them with your brand’s promise! This will create a much stronger attraction to your brand and traction for your business!

HERE IS A GREAT ANALOGY: Would you use the same fishing pole and bait to fish anywhere in the world, for any kind of fish? Fly Fishing? Catching Marlin? Of course you wouldn’t! You need very specific gear, bait and experience for each situation! I wouldn’t want to be at a professional fishing derby with my son’s Spiderman pole asking the guy next to me what we’re trying to catch!

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If you are going to attract and catch (greater conversion rates) high quality leads for your business, you need to set out to do just that; for the right kind of fish! This doesn’t mean that there won’t be others that you attract to your business! What it does mean is that you will have thought through the all-important question that people within your target market niche will ask themselves with every interaction they make with you and your brand; WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

Give your business the best chance to succeed from the very beginning! Target your brand towards a very specific and well-defined niche. NICHES ONLINE ARE NOT TINY or limiting! In fact, brands that focus on niches also do a great job at appealing to the outer fringes around that niche as well! They will be the lifeblood for your business! Now go out there and win that business derby with your brand and target market niche.

I guess that is why they call it TARGET MARKETING!

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