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Just how powerful is Facebook Training for Business as a social media marketing tool?

We all know that Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet and growing every day. It is also the most visited site on the Internet in the U.S., even more than Google. Pretty impressive stats! On top of that, lots of people check Facebook in the morning before they even brush their teeth and they keep up on their Facebook inbox more than email. So what does all this mean for small businesses? This Facebook Training will provide all you need to know to use Facebook to help propel your business.


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The best way to think about Facebook for Business is as a tool to find volumes of very targeted prospects, in addition to the best online socializing tools available. You can create a connection and dialogue with prospects anytime, from anywhere, that can lead to a professional and personal relationship for you and your business. Our clients have established relationships through Facebook that are not only important for their business, but some that have expanded into cherished friendships. The point here is that online relationships are real on all levels for you and your business.

Facebook has some very unique advantages, beyond having the highest concentration of your target prospects all in one place. It is also the best network for conversing with people, sharing your story, your brand, your life. Facebook is the largest social network because it has the best tools for socializing. This means it represents an incredible opportunity for creating and connecting with prospects.

Facebook let’s you use lengthy status updates, photos, videos, an extensive bio and then takes all your ongoing activity and shares it with your friends through the Newsfeed feature.

Newsfeeds take what you do on Facebook and automatically broadcasts out that activity across your friend network onto their walls (like a homepage with all your friend’s activity on Facebook). The more you use and converse on Facebook, the more you get shared.

Why is Facebook great for prospecting?

Facebook is great at collecting people’s interests and activities in order to create an incredible profile of what is important to them. This is very valuable information for you to use Facebook for business to identify high quality prospects. From the business pages that people “like,” to groups they join, to the status updates and bios they create, they are giving you valuable clues as to who they are.

What is really valuable about the interests that people display on Facebook is that they help you understand their mindset, their stage in life, what their passions are and what is important to them. This is terrific business intelligence for filtering through to high quality prospects for your business as well as great fodder for creating new relationships. You now know where you have common ground and interests that can help engage a new prospect right from the start.

Each Facebook Tutorial in this series makes helpful recommendations like various ways to identify prospects by their interests on Facebook, as well as target them on a local or geographical basis as well. You have a virtually unlimited audience online locally, nationally or internationally that you can tap into with no more than an internet connection and free Facebook account.

We have clients of the University who focus a dominant share of their online prospecting efforts on Facebook because it is such a huge opportunity to find the right prospects with the tools to then engage and create meaningful relationships.

Facebook for business as a customer service and loyalty tool?

Once you have started out with our Facebook Training and start gaining new customers, you will find that it is also an incredible customer service and loyalty tool. You can lightly stay in touch and top of mind with clients by simply making a comment or liking a status update, photo or video they’ve posted.  Or you can have intensive customer service and prospect programs through Facebook groups, and pages. It is one of the most inexpensive, efficient ways to stay connected with existing customers and new prospects alike – an important feeder for your company, and a means to keep in touch with the people who are or can become your greatest advocates!

Just remember that prospecting on Facebook requires a lot of persistence and dedication. It is an ongoing activity that will stop its value back to you and your company when you stop working it! So set your goals to meet new prospects through Facebook, start these targeted new relationships, and give them time to mature. You’ll see your new business pipeline fill up and the rewards start to flow into your business. Start by reviewing the Facebook Training materials here in the University’s curriculum and you’ll see how easy it can actually be to find new customers for your business!