Why Your Business Name Is So Critically Important and HOW to Do It Right [Training Video]

Steve | October 17, 2017

As you start out with your new business one of the first questions you’ll probably have is ‘what should I name my business?’

It might surprise you to know that WHAT you name your business really matters.

Rather than being ‘just words’ your business name is:

  • The public face of ‘Brand YOU’
  • Your calling card that differentiates you from all your competitors
  • A beacon of light to attract perfect leads and customers
  • Plus it sets the tone for sparking new lead conversations

As you can see, if it’s done correctly, the name of your business can really help with the heavy lifting in your marketing.

But if you get your business name wrong you’re in danger of just being another blend-in business, struggling to stand out and failing to attract new leads.

There are TWO critical online assets which need to be named correctly for your business.

The good news is I’ve recorded a ‘How-To’ video to show you exactly HOW to name your business for maximum impact and results, plus I show you real-life examples from other successful builders.

Watch my ‘What’s In A Name’ video below now…and make sure you’re giving your business the best possible advantage with the RIGHT name!

Let me know what you decide to name YOUR business, I’d love to know.

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