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‘BRING IT ON!’ for 2 weeks of intensive, step-by-step training to give you the jump-start that Top Performers call PRICELESS and wished they had as a foundation for their success from the start!

Even if you have everything in your never-ending leads campaign working, you still need great CONTENT as a huge part of your ability to engage, nurture and ultimately CONVERT those leads. We cover every important strategy for you to increase conversion rates in your business!

Bootcamp Rave

All recordings will be accessible through May 15th.

This bootcamp will teach you how to:

Write the most COMPELLING content that will attract the ATTENTION of your niche market like never before.

Create the inner the confidence you need to CONVERT new leads at much higher rates. YOU are the most important factor in the conversion process!

Have your PERFECT leads closing THEMSELVES!

As the bootcamp progresses, please scroll to the bottom of this page for all five webinar recording links. All recordings will be accessible through June 15th!

Here are a few things to accomplish that will have you prepared for the bootcamp:
  • Mark your calendars for these bootcamp webinars (available by 5:30p Pacific).
    • Webinar #1 on Monday, March 27th - “How To Create Great Content”
    • Webinar #2 on Thursday, March 30th - “Elevating Your Content”
    • Webinar #3 on Monday, April 3rd - “Nailing Down The Conversion Process”
    • Webinar #4 on Thursday, April 6th -“Reasons To Believe, Learn & Convert”
    • Webinar #5 on Monday, April 10th - "Bootcamp Finale - Getting Personal”
  • The PROSPECTING BOOTCAMP can be accessed now through the BOOTCAMPS link in the main navigation of this site.
  • Make sure you have a membership with PSMU since we will be referring to training webinars located within the University (like the foundational webinar on BRANDING EQUALS YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS) during the bootcamp! If you do not have at least a month-to-month University membership, then please register now at
  • IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE A BLOG, then create one on your own, or register for a blog with the PSMU Blogging Service that was created by Top Coaches for Coaches. Please have your blog up and ready to go for the launch of the bootcamp. PSMU Blogging Service for Beachbody Coaches features and registration options can be seen at
  • Make sure that you are friends on Facebook with our Customer Service Specialist, Ceejay TagayonThis will allow Ceejay to place you into the private Facebook for the University AND the private Facebook group for this bootcamp. What better way to participate with others within these communities who are all collaborating and learning blogging and social media marketing together. Please send a friend request to Ceejay if you are not already Facebook friends.
  • If you have not been added to the bootcamp's private Facebook group, please send a request to be added to [email protected].
  • Review the “Branding Equals your Social Media Success” webinar (Step #1 in the FAST TRACK TRAINING) to create your brand and validate your target market niche at
  • During the bootcamp, set aside at least an hour a day in your schedule beyond the time you'll need to review homework webinars! Please know that access to all the archives of this bootcamp will be available for two months past the end of the workshop (thru June 15th)!

Webinar Recording Links

Links to the webinar recordings are posted below as well as in the FILES section of the bootcamp's Facebook group. The archived webinars will be accessible through June 15th.
  • Webinar #1 - “How To Create Great Content” - WATCH NOW!
  • Webinar #2 - “Elevating Your Content” - WATCH NOW!
  • Webinar #3 - “Nailing Down The Conversion Process” - WATCH NOW!
  • Webinar #4 - “Reasons To Believe, Learn & Convert” - WATCH NOW!
  • Webinar #5 - “Getting Personal” - WATCH NOW!