How to get Perfect Leads with Low Cost Facebook Ads and Chatbots

Steve | July 25, 2017

If you want your direct sales or network marketing business to grow you must have a steady stream of new leads, and for that to happen you need a proven plan to be able to reach out to new people every day and build relationships with them.

However, not all relationships are created equal.

If you’re not careful you can end up in a frustrating cycle of spending too much time trying to follow up with people who just aren’t interested. Instead, it’s better to focus your time and energy on building relationships with people who resonate with you and your message and are more likely to want to work with you.

The challenge is – how do you get people to ‘raise their hand’ to show their interest, and then how best can you strike up a conversation with them online?

There are two easy ways of doing this, using Facebook’s tools.

Firstly you can use low-cost Facebook ads to attract your audience of interested people, and secondly, you can use the new chatbot tool (a hot new development) to interact with your new audience, between your Facebook page and messenger.

These two strategies allow you to quickly build an audience of interested people, engage with them, and automatically message them directly in their inbox (without even needing a friend request) to get the conversation started.

The exciting news is that business builders using these methods are seeing increases of up to 18% in leads, even up to 70 leads in a single day.

Watch the video now where I talk through in more detail HOW you can implement these two strategies too, to bring a stream of new leads into YOUR business.

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