Steve | October 4, 2017

[FB Live] Replay

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Right now you’re being spied on.

Not like a face-at-the-window Halloween horror…I’m talking about what your prospects and leads do when they first connect with you.

Of course they won’t tell you that’s what they’re doing, but rest assured they dive onto the internet to check you out, faster than a kid grabbing trick-or-treat candy.

And what do they find?

No website/blog at all? (BAD)

A brief mention on a cookie-cutter corporate website, identical to all the other reps? (WORSE)

Or a gorgeous-looking website/blog that’s 100% personalized to YOU, and the niche you serve? (FANTASTIC)

There are FOUR key reasons why having your own website is the secret to massive downline growth, and I’m sharing them with you in today’s Facebook Live.

This is what industry rep Mary has to say after attracting hundreds of leads a month:

“My blog is my home-base for everything..All of my offers are housed there, but more than that, the blog provides a level of credibility. It’s a professional space where I can communicate with my niche, address objections, and use marketing tools to re-target prospects who have visited.”

On this FB LIVE, you’ll discover:

• Why having a cookie-cutter corporate website is keeping you invisible and broke

• The fastest way to position yourself as a professional, credible and trustworthy person to work with, so setting up conversations with new leads becomes so much easier

• How your website (blog) can save you time and give you the right tools that work for you 24/7, during your following-up and closing stages

• Why going-it-alone online is a high-risk strategy that could be costing you hundreds of dollars every month and puts your business reputation on a knife edge

It’s ALL on this Facebook Live, so be sure to dim the lights and grab a front row seat so your business doesn’t end up coming to a grisly end in the graveyard of broken dreams.

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