How To Know Which Of Your Facebook Ads Are Working Best

Steve | April 12, 2017

An important part of running any Facebook ad campaign is testing several different versions. It may be the same exact ad running to different audiences, or ad variations to the same audience.

Please watch the short video below for an explanation of how to see the real performance measurements you need to track for your ad and all the benefits you can gain in greater performance and lower costs!

This recommendation is based on countless Direct Sellers who have been generating leads with low-cost Facebook ads. The best-performing ad format as been to simply create a post on Facebook and boost it. This automatically means that the ad will be “optimized” by Facebook to get more engagements (Likes, Shares, Comments and Clicks). I explain how this works so well for your ads among a sea of other Facebook ad formats in the video below.

Resources discussed in the video:

Cost per engagement with your ad is just one way to determine your ads success, but not the most important.

The image below shows the actual performance stats that Facebook gives you by default for a boosted post. These stats do not represent the full picture. Skip to the bottom image on this page and see added info around Link Clicks to understand more directly what we are talking about in the video.

Link Click stats:

Please notice the “Columns: Engagement” choice that has been selected at the top of this image, allowing new columns and new information to be seen. This is critical information to have when deciding on how well a campaign is performing, and if it should be continued or not.

If you are generating leads for your MLM business with Facebook ads, then this information will be extremely valuable to getting more out of your ads for less.


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