The Top 5 Most COSTLY Facebook Ad Mistakes [FB LIVE}

Steve | October 12, 2017

The TOP 5 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Will Stop You Dead and Suck Your Bank Balance Dry (And How YOU Can Avoid Them)

“Fish where the fish are.” It’s kinda stating the obvious, right?

But I’ve always thought there was something important missing from this saying.

To catch the fish, you’ve got to be using the right hook, and bait TOO, not just be where they are.

And it’s exactly the same with your Facebook Ads.

Facebook is just like a huge lake, teeming with your perfect leads.

Making sure to include low-cost Facebook Ads as one of your prime marketing strategies makes great sense – you’re putting yourself where the fish are, so to speak.

But how do you know if you’ve got the right hook and bait to tempt your leads into your world?

That’s precisely when you NEED to know exactly what to do, and more importantly WHAT NOT TO DO (because getting Facebook Ads wrong is a very costly exercise!)

Here’s what I’m sharing with you in today’s session:

  • The Relationship Factor: how to ethically slip past people’s natural defenses, and position yourself as the trusted person they can’t wait to hear from.
  • The Audience Oversight: why grouping matters, and how to do it the right way for better results.
  • Testing For The Win: the critical actions AND mindset you need to stack the odds in your favor for more winning campaigns.
  • Persuasive Next Steps: why your ‘call to action’ can make or break the deal (and how to nail yours.)
  • Slime-Free Selling: how to harness the power of selling subtlety, so your leads welcome ‘the close’ with open arms.

Learning how to run low-cost, super effective Facebook Ads THE RIGHT WAY is just like getting the prime fishing spot on the lake, AND having your hook loaded with irresistibly tasty bait that your perfect leads can’t wait to gobble up.

And the great news is…I’ll be showing you exactly how to fish for the perfect leads with Facebook Ads throughout the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry.


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