Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Working – Part 2 of 10

Steve | February 21, 2017

In part two, we are going to be talking about why your Facebook ads fail due to selecting too broad a target audience.


Here are the top areas to keep in mind from the video:

  • Target Marketing is fundamental to your success.
  • Everything you do as a business needs to be run through the lens of your perfect customer niche.
  • Your ads will work so much harder for you when you can address the unmet emotional needs of your target market.
  • No more icky feeling conversations while talking with new leads from the ad, as they are just like you. This gives you built in trust and credibility…and more conversions!
  • Your greatest issue is going to be defaulting back to a more generic/broad niche versus the opposite!
  • See the Facebook ad that I read in the video down below.

For more installments in this series, please go to https://practicalsocialmedia.com/category/facebook-ads/.

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