Anatomy Of A Successful Like Ad

Steve | June 7, 2017

What does it take to create a great like ad?

What if you had all kinds of the perfect customers lining up on your Facebook page?

That engage more with you because they are your perfect customers AND just like you!

That you can also use to prospect amongst.

That you can use to create a custom audience for low cost, high return Facebook ads.

This is the starting point of attracting new customers and growing your downline!

I wanted to review a recent success story out of the University around a like ad that is performing WELL UNDER our recommendation of 30¢ a like. In fact, this campaign is getting 19¢ a like!



There are a number of things that are really done right in this ad:

  • It is targeted at a very specific niche (the perfect customer)
  • The name of the Facebook page talks to who this page serves as a niche market
  • The text is simple and to the point, not trying to be everything to everybody
  • The text outlines a major struggle that most single moms have, within context
  • The visual is also simple, yet ties into one of the biggest unmet emotional needs of being a single mom, where you need to do it all yourself
  • The benefit of liking the page (being healthy and fit) is clear
  • There is no confusion, as all aspects of the ad work well together

The next time that you go to create a like campaign for your business, scan over these points and see if your ad can score on all fronts too!

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