How to Follow Up and Close Leads with Facebook’s Auto-Notifications for Appointments [Training Video]

Steve | October 24, 2017

Picture this….you’ve made a very casual connection with someone you think would be a perfect lead and you want to set up a time to chat.

Then before you know it you find yourself in that frustrating cycle of not knowing if they got your invitation, wondering if they’re coming, never hearing back from them, feeling pushy and agonizing over whether you should start over and send a second or third invitation to try and get the chat off the ground.

Arghhh – the momentum from that perfect first connection fizzles out in the painful ping-pong of appointment setting, and you just LOST a lead.

It’s SO annoying! But luckily there’s an alternative.

Picture this instead….”Ping”!! The person you made that first connection with gets a new message alert on their phone.

And we all know that NOBODY ignores their Facebook Messenger alerts, right?!

Like an itch that has to be scratched, they grab their phone, flick open Messenger and check that message from you immediately.

You see, Facebook Messenger has a brand new built-in system that creates AUTOMATED follow-up messages for your appointments, which ping straight into your new lead’s smartphone.

Imagine your new leads never leaving your messages unopened and unloved, and never missing a single follow-up call with you.

If you’ve ever had the frustration of leads not showing up to chat with you, THIS new automated ‘next steps’ notification right inside of Facebook Messenger solves the problem for you.

Better still it’s SUPER easy to set up, and I have recorded a short video to show you exactly HOW to set it up.

Click to start watching now and see how to have your hot leads leaping to check out your messages the instant you send them.

It’s a fantastic tool to help you follow-up and close more leads, and you can set it up mere minutes!

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