The one thing you should NEVER STOP doing for your business to GROW

Steve | June 10, 2016



As a new business owner, you’ll go through phases and stages. From idea generation, to choosing your niche to creating a marketing strategy and so many more.

A huge part of your initial set up process will only need to be done at the start, but there’s one vital element that even the pros can not afford to put on the back burner.

Experimentation, or good old trial and error.

Due to the ever changing nature of customer tastes and preferences, every business owner needs to be dynamic in their relationship with their customers. You’ll need to learn and unlearn what works and what doesn’t on a regular basis.

The most efficient way to do this, is through A/ B testing

This simply means that you will compare two different versions of a single variable to see which one performs better.

One example that all our PSMU members know about is the page like campaign on Facebook with 2 – 3 different audiences. Here are a few more variables to try:

  • Written content vs. video content
  • Different images for your ads
  • Different headlines for your ads
  • Testimonials placed just right on your offer’s landing pages
  • Different colors and placements for your CTA buttons

An obvious advantage of cultivating a culture of experimentation in your business is the fact that you’ll constantly review and refine your strategies and offers until you find the best method to use for your target audience.

In addition to that, you’ll learn to:

  • Take calculated risks for the good of your business.
  • Operate in response to your customers’ preferences as opposed to your own opinion of what you think they want.
  • View every set back as feedback and one step closer to your goal rather than writing it off as a mistake or failure.
  • Repurpose your content into various formats that can be distributed across different platforms thereby reaching a wider audience base for example videos, written blog content, downloadable ebooks, infographics, quotes and so on.

When done right, A/ B testing will help you gain a clearer picture of what works for your unique audience, improve on your business strategy, and ultimately create a system of operation that can be used successfully over and over again.

Remember to only use one variable at a time, measure and study your data/ feedback, and never stop testing!

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