Three Tips To Instantly Make Your Writing Better

Steve | May 30, 2016

Written communication is one of the most powerful tools you can ever use to bridge the gap between you and your target niche market, over and over again, even while you sleep!writing-1209121_1920

Being mindful of your words and how you use them in relation to your audience will help you to get their attention, appeal to their unmet emotional needs, and encourage engagement.

Here are three simple principles you can employ to make all your content easier to read, more memorable, and more relatable to your readers in one move.

  • Get graphic. Write or speak in pictures. 

You’ve heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true because our minds process images faster than they process words. This principle can be applied to words too.

Steve Jobs was a famous fan, using phrases like “1000 songs in your pocket”  and “that’s enough memory to listen to your music while travelling to the moon and back!” He could have described 12 gigabytes in technical terms but he knew that painting a familiar picture for his audience would deliver more of a punch.

  • Ask yourself, “what purpose does each sentence serve?”

If you want to keep your reader captivated and have them read until the end, then you need to make sure that every single thing you write adds value to them. Don’t give them the chance to get bored. Ask yourself the question, what purpose does this sentence serve?

Value can be added through useful information, entertainment, and positive feelings. If you’re educating your reader, making them laugh or giving them a reason to feel good about themselves, then you’ll definitely be able to keep their attention for as long as you need.

  • Use the rule of threes. 

If you look through history, you’ll realize that three seems to be the magic number for storytellers, activists and marketers alike. Our minds respond favorably to the concept of start, middle, and finish. Right from The Holy Trinity to The Three Bears.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the power of the triad;

The rule of three or power of three is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. The reader or audience of this form of text is also thereby more likely to remember the information. This is because having three entities combines both brevity and rhythm with having the smallest amount of information to create a pattern. It makes the author or speaker appear knowledgeable while being both simple and catchy.

Let’s put this to the test, shall we? Use these tips to write your next post and let us know how it goes!

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