How To Create Engagement With Your Target Audience

Steve | June 19, 2016

According to Facebook, “engagement rate is the percentage of people who saw a post that reacted to, shared, clicked or commented on it.” 

For purposes of this article though, we’ll focus on the verbal kind of engagement. How do you get people to comment on your posts and other shared content?


  • Create compelling content.

This is the single most effective method for encouraging conversation with your niche. Give them something to relate to. Drawing from your target market’s unmet emotional needs, you can create posts, videos and motivational quotes that focus on their unique struggles.

Ask yourself questions like:

  1. Which problems do I face on a daily basis and how do I deal with them?
  2. What do I know now that I wish someone had told me earlier?
  3. What are my fears and how do I alleviate them?
  4. Apart from the products I’m promoting, which tools have helped me most on my journey?
  5. If I were the customer, what would I most need help with?

These questions will help you create content that’s useful and unique to your audience. Since you are one of them, your personal goals, achievements, struggles and methods are all relevant.

If it helped you, it will help them too, and the best part is you can use the same content over and over again on different people!

Making sure that everything you post adds value in some way will show your readers that you truly care about them, which will in turn build trust and help you make the sale.

As a rule of thumb, your content should be 80 percent free and valuable, and 20 percent paid.

You can also refer to this post for technical tips to improve your writing.

  • Include your readers in your content creation process.

Ask your audience as many questions as you possibly can. This business is about them, so you need to make them feel like it. Ask them what they struggle with the most or what kind of content they would like to see, and then create posts addressing those needs.

If a reader inspires a new post, you should always let them know! Privately send them the link, tell them how they inspired the post and ask for their opinion on it.

You can also run polls and ask them to vote on different aspects of your business. This creates a sense of belonging and encourages participation.

Another option is to craft a follow up message for all your free offers, especially if they are downlodable. Wait a week or so and then send the message to your new subscribers asking for feedback. Was it helpful to them? Did you miss something that they wanted to see? This will not only help you improve on your next offer, it will also give you messages that you can use as testimonials, with permission.

  • Create a closed Facebook group.

Groups are excellent for encouraging engagement due to their more private nature which makes people more comfortable with sharing their personal stories and experiences. This fosters a sense of community with like minded people and spurs new topics and ideas.

Bonus Tip: For every boosted post, when you get comments and reactions from people who don’t already like your page, you can invite them to do so by clicking on the number of people who liked, and then clicking “invite.”


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